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Liquid Agility


Our Services

We help you turn your questions into answers, answers into decisions and decisions into success.

General Consulting Services

Often companies and entrepreneurs don't know what they want nor what they need. Our experts do what we call, "discovery." Based on what you tell us coupled with what we are allowed to observe, we put together a sound strategy on how we can improve or correct your current state of operations.

The Agilite Consulting Group provides information, solutions and industry expertise to help today’s entrepreneurs transform their business into successful well-oiled machine. The result is field-proven strategies and tactics that yield the right results time and time again.

Apps & Technology

As the healthcare market becomes increasingly complex, strategies to understand and influence decision makers within the system need to become increasingly sophisticated. To compete in the modern healthcare environment, biopharmaceutical organizations need to be fully informed across a broad range of market factors and integrate these insights into key business processes. The ability to utilize increasingly sophisticated data resources to uncover the drivers of value for stakeholders throughout the system will differentiate successful companies.

Clinical Research Support

Our Scientific Practices team prides itself on delivering high-quality and on-time results to the research community.We provide a robust and comprehensive solution with the methods, data and rigor that will be accepted by our peers. We understand the unique needs of researchers within the bio-pharma and cannabis industries including acquiring very complete retrospective and prospective data.

We perform in-depth analysis combined with deep, detailed clinical data. Integrating registry data, general and specialized electronic medical records data, and the client’s clinical trial data, we are able to conduct descriptive & comparative effectiveness studies which enable our clients to publish in peer-reviewed journals, present at scientific meetings and congresses, and more effectively offer cost related financial reporting for senior and executive level leadership.  

Staff Development

We assess each staff member to ensure that they are adequately prepared for any transition or skill. We provide one on one training tailored to each learner based on how they learn. This helps eliminate apprehension that often accompanies start-ups system implementation or upgrades.

Clinical Trials

We provide advanced billing and invoicing services to companies who would like to expand their Research Departments and their Revenue Cycle for their clinical trials. In addition to sending invoices, we provide auditing services to ensure compliance with Clinical Trial Agreements and reporting for analytical insight of trial performance.

Policy Documentation and Compliance

 Setting aside staff and time to complete compliance research and documenting Policies and Procedures is difficult.  We will help make sure your entity is properly covered by rules and regulations.  We memorialize future state and current workflows and document Standard Operating Procedures for projects with or without our engagement.

General Consulting and Strategic Planning Services

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Free 15 Minute Consult


Fifteen Minutes

Let's Get Acquainted

15 Minute Session by phone


Ask Questions

Set Expectations

Book Appointment

General Consulting


Per Hour

Best for Group Training and Orientation

55 Minute Time Increments



Operational Analyisis


Project Planning


Per Hour (Two Hour Minimum)

Best for New Business or Product Launch

Process Mapping (Gantt Chart Creation)


Analysis and Documentation

Set Expectations (timelines, Costs, Staffing,Supply Chain Management)


Healthcare Technology Services

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

General Consulting Services


Per Hour

Best Package Offer

Workflow Analysis


Policy and Procedure Review

Compliance Auditing

Book Appointment

EMR Training


25-100 people

Best for Group Training and Orientation

Facility Set Up





Implementation Support


Per Support Consultant

Best for Small or Low-Budgeted Go-Lives




Two Weeks At The Elbow Support


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