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Sheila Tillman, President & CEO

Sheila Tillman is President and Chief Executive Officer of Agilite Consulting Group, Inc located in Atlanta, GA. She is originally from Lakeland, Florida. She attended Florida Memorial College, majoring in Biology, with a minor in Chemistry. Her love of healthcare stemmed from being a “Candy Striper” for Lakeland Regional Medical Center.” Shortly after college , she joined the military as a Combat Medic in the US Army. While enlisted, she was awarded the Commanding General's Award and several "Soldier of the Month" accolades. After leaving the military, she was hired as a claims representative at Travelers Insurance Company which shortly became United Healthcare. This opportunity allowed her to be mentored by a senior level executives and was then persuaded to pursue a career in consulting with a specific focus on process improvement. This exposed her to the consulting arena. She has been noted by others as having the gift of seeing order through chaos. She has the ability to identify broken processes, conduct sound analysis, compile cost effective results and facilitate improvement efforts. In the span of three years, she has recovered $39 million dollars for her clients. Her leadership as a gifted strategic thinker provides her with an advantage that sets her above the rest.