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Cannabis is currently the fastest growing industry in the United States of America. While there are hundreds of ways to get involved in the industry, licenses to grow, sell and/or create Cannabis-infused products have become the most coveted vertical in the industry. If you are interested in getting involved in starting a Cannabis business but don’t know where to start, make sure you conduct your own research. There are a number of trade organizations and industry experts that could help guide you in the right direction. 

As fast as the industry is growing, change in policy and compliance will be equally expedient.   The most costly mistake entrepreneurs are making is unpreparedness of the bureaucracy surrounding doing doing business in the cannabis industry.  Agilite Consulting Group can also assist you in making sure you are compliant and your operations are cost-effective. We understand that this process could be tedious and overwhelming so our goal is to make sure you have weighed all options and considered the best course of action for long term success. We offer practical, and validated advice to help you find your way. Contact us for a free initial consultation. In the meantime, take a look around our website! Best of luck to you, and remember We Are Your Silver Lining.

Things To Consider Before Starting a Cannabis Company

Step 1: Assess your commitment and eligibility
Considering the money you will spend opening a dispensary, trying to operate one illegally is extremely expensive.  You may want to consider a "white label" product (A product that is manufactured and distributed by a company but has your labeling and branding) or offering auxiliary services such as consulting, accounting, selling equipment and supplies, B2B services etc.
Step 2: Do your research
To be successful as a dispensary owner, you must understand not only the existing laws around marijuana cultivation and sales, but also the proposed laws and changes that will go into effect in coming years.
Step 3: Find a rental property
It’s important to remember that, because of the ever-changing environment of the Cannabis industry, a property that is compliant now might not be in two years. Make sure that when you do access a property that it will be consistent with new laws. Additionally, make sure you don’t purchase property that is not conducive to growing nor complies with zoning laws.
Step 4: Write a business plan and Set Up Internal Structure
When an industry is saturated in the way the cannabis industry is, it’s all the more important that you appear professional and prepared with a solid business plan.  In addition most states want assurance that you have contingency pans and solid policies and procedures concerning your operations.
Step 5: Determine your budget
This is the most important item in determining if your are ready to start a Cannabis Business. Besides your product costs, there are other considerations for your budget: Rent cost, Cost of license, Licensing application fee,Employee salary, Transportation and storage of product, Security
Step 6: Get Licensed
Getting licensed to open a Cannabis dispensary is usually difficult and expensive. You can easily spend thousands of dollars in legal expenses to get their license. It would be wise to get verifiable assistance in this area. Be prepared to spend a lot of time on compliance and have a lot of resources ready for that,. One item of note, once compliance, you still need to stay compliant.
Step 7: Obtain Product
Depending on what type of product or service you intend to offer will determine your course of action. Obtaining a good product for your Cannabis business, and ensuring you do it legally, will be a central part of being successful. Many cannapreneurs want to grow their own cannabis, and in some states this is mandatory. However, there are a significant amount of legalities surrounding cultivation facilities.
Step 8: Market your business
Marketing through social media accounts like Instagram, encouraging customers to give Google reviews, and keeping your website updated with proper SEO strategies. It’s also important to check into the regulations around marketing your dispensary. There are many methods that can’t be used in certain states.
Step 9: Stay informed
With Cannabis legislation changing often, it is important to stay abreast of new information even after you’ve launched your venture, to ensure you are operating in a safe and legal manner. Refer to the resources below for more information.

Quality Assurance

A “readiness program” is a complete set of customized policies and procedures which are customized to our client’s operation, building on the foundation of the Quality Management System. Readiness programs are designed to prepare a facility for real-world operations ahead of “switching on the lights”. It is common for our readiness programs to cover the following:

  • Documentation procedures
  • Production-related procedures
  • Quality assurance procedures
  • Quality control procedures
  • Sanitation procedures
  • Record-keeping procedures
  • Security procedures
  • Equipment maintenance-related procedures
  • Material handling procedures
  • Post-licence obligations by the Licensee
  • Material/genetic sourcing

The journey of obtaining a licence starts with an application and a foundation of policy and procedures. The real work around becoming operationally ready involves customizing and fine-tuning these to a specific facility that has been fully built out and prepared to operate. Throughout the application stages, our clients’ plans often change, but once their facility is completed and their initial team is hired, a readiness program takes their business from concept to reality.

We help cannabis producers implement readiness programs, including the collection of compliance evidence with regards to security and quality. Our team of dedicated full-time compliance experts can create a readiness program to get your facility up and running and firing on all cylinders. Contact us today to start a conversation.

Research and Development

While many producers and applicants are keen to have an R&D department, few seem to understand what this entails. Companies should ask themselves what they want R&D to do for them– i.e., what is the desired end result? To create a unique finished product and the manufacturing technology required? Or to create a unique nutrient formula and test this on live cannabis plants? There are many reasons why a company may want to achieve an R&D Licence, and at the end of the day if they want to be in possession of cannabis material or live plants (for whatever reason), the R&D Licence is the vehicle to achieve this.

Within the context of an R&D Licence, a company would likely be setting up an experimental laboratory for the purpose of research and development. This requires a considerable amount of forethought and planning, not to mention procedures, validation work and equipment sourcing. Agilite Consulting Group has expertise from Cancer Research institutions, pharmaceutical and other sectors related to R&D in order to design a laboratory facility, achieve the R&D Licence, sourcing/qualifying/installing equipment, software validation, SOPs, security system design/implementation and general research support.

Contact us today to start the conversation around achieving a Research & Development Licence within the Cannabis industry.