We are your silver lining.



Our consultants are those with hands on experience working with Physicians and have a thorough understanding of clinical workflow.

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Jobs Centered


We offer training according to the needs of our clients.  Workshop attendees are well trained in areas such as Revenue Cycle basics, Medical Billing, Understanding Managed Care and Word Processing.

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Our core values center around helping healthcare providers and healthcare organizations support their employees and improve operations without additional significant costs.

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Your Self-Sufficiency is Our Goal

At Liquid Agility, we pride ourselves on being the silver lining in the dark clouds of uncertainty and revenue instability. We begin by performing what we call discovery, in essence we observe your process from start to finish, we measure your effectiveness, evaluate your receipts and gauge the condition of your culture. Once completed, we then prepare an informed recommendation based on industry standards and best practices. If you choose to engage our services we would then sign a Non-disclosure agreement, Contract for Services and Statement of Work.

Independent Workflow  Review

We document your processes from start to finish and help you identify gaps in People, Process or Technology.

Health Administration Education

Most companies don't have the time or manpower for additional training.  We offer tailored training sessions so that your employees will minimize missteps and deficiencies.

Revenue Cycle Management

We conduct a thorough data analysis of your practice's revenue to determine root causes for your decreased receivables.  This is includes process improvement, policy and procedures review and clinical documentation.